By freight trains from Vladivostok to Moscow

In this series, we run away from palev at the diesel station. Our train starts, and we jump on the rung of the gondola car and return to the TRANS-Siberian railway in the dead of night. The next day we reach Urusha, where we find an abandoned building, and spend the night there. We prepare food at the fire, we leave directly from the cargo Park, we go through the mountains, and in Mogocha we settle in the hostel. The next day we meet the staff with military equipment (tanks), but can not leave and after the lamp pasta with stew Ilya comrade goes to bed in a haystack, and I'm in the tent.

Your partner is too risky, on another site he can not jump on the car which is like a turtle trudges and this wants to catch a flying car. Eh guys if you were near my house. I'd love to feed you some homemade food . Would give you everything you need on the road spoons, cups , salt . Since the summer video means all this is history. Good luck in the future.

And how they charge the batteries )))) but you do not know Tajik, and my friend Lech speaks completely without accents, he was born there, you see how it happens, but still I catch up with you in languages, probably Afghan, Iranian, Tajik, Russian, I understand, video cool, cool guys.

After the watermelon is usually long and hard I want to piss. I wonder how this issue is solved in a freight car. You can probably cast stupidly over the edge on the mound. It would be more difficult for women. I liked how the railway was named "ginger". The railway fascinates me. I want to know more about it. Guys are heroes..

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