On freight trains through Russia

I wanted to leave a good comment, but when I saw you drunk on the boat first, you were driving a hydroelectric station, then the dude was driving and vodka, I confidently put on a dizlike. I hope that the man who drove the remark to make at least one of you cough for your behavior. You, idiots, when you turn on, not only deprive yourself of safety, but also other people in a coffin can tighten. You can’t do that, keep your head, but adults are bull, you must understand...

I found other similar lovers of commodities. Ilya you look more interesting. You bark, on the positive. You are interesting to tell all your situations and shoot what you see from the first person. Others shoot themselves and not very interesting to tell.

Well, if I said "a couple of days I'll hang on to that chick I'm supposed to be banging and you also get a life thread" I would have shabnur )) th to stop people from enjoying life?)))

Fuck these warriors, we have the whole city blocked their fucking concrete fences and patrols that are needed to keep the cattle out of the barracks didn't run away, because fuck it they have to guard but a rusty Soviet equipment and smelly armpits soldiery, there is fucking no. And Ah still on zomboyaschiku show, that American spies every day try to penetrate in these parts of and steal our secrets, apparently preparations those sour schey, from which then the entire barracks farts.

We leave Krasnoyarsk and go by freight trains in the direction of Novosibirsk, before reaching a few hundred kilometers for the first time we turn the wrong way.



Posted by Admin Saturday, February 8, 2020 11:10:00 AM
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